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I consider myself as a “chameleon designer”, where in the current age of technology and the new different ways to advertåise, I have to use every skill available and adapt to the new “Trends/ Techniques/ Programs/ Target / Market”.
It means taking care of the clients and utilising a top range of professional abilities. 

Name : Rafael Riñón
Phone : +86 159 2163 2389
Email : estudio@rafarte.es
Skype : rafarinon
Wechat : rafota22
Linkedin : rafarinondesigner

Creative Design

Design has to be simple, attractive and get impacts on the market, working face off with the client. Some of my jobs since I started to work in 2002. Thanks to all the clients that trust on my ideas.


As a graphic designer with 17-of-experience I saw the change on the design environment. When smartphones born, I worked with Telefonica I+D during almost 4 years and after I could helping startups with them prototypes and develop some APP with develop teams, here some of those projects.

  • TripIn

    Connect people when you travel



    This APP was created to connect people that travel around you. Not only connect people that is at the airport, train station or hotel, also connect with people by interest, nationality, likes... during the time that you are waiting at departure, or people that will travel in the same flight, train or are at the same hotel.

  • Maijin Deliver

    Share app to deliver food



    With this APP we can provide a win-win service. For one side there is a customer that make orders for food deliver and for the other side there are "deliver guys" that are making money with every order. The APP focus on students on Chinese university campus but could be open to every customer and worker all over the world.

  • Smartmedia Joy

    Play games at the screens at the mall



    The idea is to provide to people at the mall center a new way to enjoy the time they spend inside the building. The APP is connect with big screens at the mall and also has other particular benefits like discounts, a profile where you can see how your avatar looks with new clothes, augment reality, map of the mall…

  • Rapidough Pizza

    APP to make orders at restaurants


    This APP was design to use at the pizza and salad restaurants using an iPad. The idea is to make the order in a fun way with a cool design. To make an order is like to play a game where you make your pizza or salad. Once you make an order you have to choose the way you gonna pay and where to take away or here.


My service design is a form of conceptual design which involves the activity of planning and organising people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service in order to improve the quality and the interaction between service or products and my clientes.

  • c


    Marketing strategy has the fundamental goal of increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • b


    Your brand strategy will reinforce your positioning in the market with an effective strategy for your brand.

  • d


    I work with companies in every industry to develop business strategies that deliver the right results.

  • f


    I believe marketing should be a reflection of purpose, this inspires intentionality to breed success.

  • p


    I craft user experiences for mobile/web apps, from design strategy, to executing a pixel-perfect UI.

  • m


    A great website can serve as an extension of your staff, offering key information about your services.

My Links

I would like to say thanks to those platforms that help me in the creative way and make design easir for me.